Improving healthcare standards
through benchmarking
We generate unique tools to measure
health care provision and policies implemented
User-friendly indexes
to empower stakeholders
Bringing together data and reality
Strengthening relationships
between policymakers and citizens
Bridging the communicative divide with open talks
Reducing inequalities
between countries' health systems
Learning from the good examples
Bringing awareness
to what matters to people
Collecting data from surveys to provide
objective information to policymakers
Measuring the social impact of diseases
Using unique indicators in the index
to measure how the disease affects the people in their lives
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The Health Consumer Powerhouse Ltd (HCP) was founded 2004, aiming to introduce open comparisons of healthcare systems performance as a tool to improve outcomes and to support patient and physician empowerment. Since then, HCP has published more than 50 editions of Health Consumer Indexes in several healthcare areas, such as heart care, diabetes, HIV, hepatitis, pancreatic cancer and renal care.

The HCP flagship, the annual Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI), serves as the independent monitoring of healthcare in 36 countries. The latest, 11th edition was published in January 2018 (all indices freely available at Since 2005 this comparison of key values in healthcare, taking the patient and consumer point of view, has improved the understanding of European healthcare, empowered patients and helped to address weaknesses. EHCI, and the wide range of disease-specific studies produced by HCP, set standards for what could and should be achieved by modern, well-serving healthcare.

“We know the Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI) is today the leading public measurement of how national healthcare systems perform… We have recently learned that the European Commission after assessing various benchmarks has found the EHCI to be the most accurate and reliable comparison”.

– Dr. Vytenis Andriukaitis, former Minister of Health of Lithuania, since November 2014 the EU Commissioner of Health and Consumer Protection.



Free downloadable materials

Euro Health Consumer Index 2017
The EHCI, started in 2005, is the leading comparison for assessing the performance of national healthcare systems in 35 countries. The EHCI analyses national healthcare on 46 indicators, looking into areas such as Patient Rights and Information, Access to Care, Treatment Outcomes, Range and Reach of Services, Prevention and use of Pharmaceuticals. read more

Euro Heart Index 2016 (inc. Secondary CVD Prevention Index 2017)
The Euro Heart Index (EHI) 2016 provides a ranking of cardiovascular healthcare systems in 30 countries across four key areas: Prevention, Procedures, Access to care and Outcomes, measured on 31 indicators. The maximum points achievable are 1 000. The 2016 edition is a follow up of the 2008 EHI. The Index is constructed from public statistics and independent research. read more



7/1/2018 –  Euro Health Consumer Index in Svenska Dagbladet
Dec 23 the leading Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet used Euro Health Consumer Index for a ten country status picture of health care. Link to the article (in Swedish) / Download english translation (PDF) …  read more .

15/12/2017 –  On the EU healthcare indicator front – nothing new, sadly enough
As the 2017 Euro Health Consumer Index takes form and will be published in January, the EU ambition to create a joint assessment system makes zero progress. In spite of promises made by the health commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis four years ago, there is still no sign of an operational platform. Not even a strategy, as …  read more .

11/9/2017 –  HCP lectures at Polish EU healthcare reform conference
September 11 Johan Hjertqvist held the keynote lecture at the Warsaw WORKSHOP ON SOCIAL DIALOGUE No. 5, titled “Health care system that makes patients satisfied – financing of system and services“. His presentation is available at our website. The conference is organized in the framework of „Together for Health” project, which is co-financed  …  read more .


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