Our Mission

HCP´s mission is to analyze health care systems and countries care provision, health policies implementation to create free user-friendly tools (disease-specific indexes) to empower citizens, physicians, patient organizations, politicians and professionals working at different national bodies.

HCP works in capacity building processes and health care system strengthening by providing open and transparent benchmarking and recommendations of strategies for improvement and change.

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Ethical Values

HCP believes in patient and physician empowerment to design a health care system that suits every citizen and where everyone has equal access to the best standard medical care.

HCP concentrates on closing gaps to health access and health provision reducing inequalities between countries and between different parts of populations. HCP actively promotes patient centered care practices.

What we do

We generate general and disease-specific indexes. A tool, to empower patients and physicians through comparing and reviewing health care provision and Policies.

Our aims:
– Increase transparency and comparability of health care systems
– Improve standards through benchmarking
– Increase public awareness and create discussion
– Introduce and help spread good practices.
– Demonstrate weak and strong points in healthcare systems.
– Help consumers to understand the quality expected of their national health care systems.

Matrix of Indexes

How we do it

Our indexes are always produced in collaboration with relevant stakeholder (European patient organizations, physician associations….) in the disease of study. Additionally, all projects include a panel of independent experts to support and advise.

We create our indexes in 4 phases:

1- Indicators selection
Together with a number of experts in the field of interest, we design a number of appropriate and comparable quality indicators using the DELPHI Method, to capture an overview of the current healthcare provision in different countries. HCP concentrates on indicators reflecting the performance of healthcare systems, i.e. less emphasis or otherwise popular public health indicators.

2- Research and Data collection
– We compile data from national statistics and international databases.
– We conduct surveys among relevant stakeholders such as physicians and patients organizations on the national and European level.
– We perform face to face interviews with key stakeholders.
– We validate data collected through different stakeholder feedbacks and multi-stakeholder meetings.

3- Scoring system
Country scores in three grades on each indicator, depending on country performance:
– 3 (green): good
– 2 (amber): intermediate / “n.ap.” = 2
– 1 (red): not-so-good / “n.a.” = 1

4- Deliverables
– A Report
– Easy and quick visualisation of national performance.
– Suggestions for change on the EU/National level.
– Unique sets of data exclusive to HCP collected from HCP surveys.
– A number of exclusive graphics and matrix.
– Press releases describing each country’s performance in the local language.
– Presentation of results at important venues.

Our Team

Hjertqvist, Johan, LL.M.

Hjertqvist, Johan, LL.M.


Before funding the Health Consumer Powerhouse in 2004, Mr. Hjertqvist has been active in fields such as student and domestic politics, think tanks, business advocacy and social entrepreneurship. He was instrumental in founding Timbro in 1978, still the most influential Swedish think tank. Working for the Federation of Swedish Industry and the Swedish Employers Association he developed groundbreaking policies for private enterprise in the publicly funded welfare sector. He has served as deputy mayor (in the city of Tyreso) and as senior advisor at Burson-Marsteller. He is the author of ten books in politics, healthcare policy and cookery.

Mr Hjertqvist has a Master Degree of Law from the Stockholm University.

Prof. Björnberg, Arne, Ph.D.

Prof. Björnberg, Arne, Ph.D.

Executive Chairman arne.bjornberg@healthpowerhouse.com +46 70 584 84 51

Prof. Björnberg has previous experience from Research Director and management consulting positions in Swedish industry. He has also served as CEO of the Swedish National Pharmacy Corporation (”Apoteket AB”), Director of Healthcare & Network Solutions for IBM Europe Middle East & Africa, and CEO of the University Hospital of Northern Sweden (“Norrlands Universitetssjukhus”, Umeå). He is a Visiting Professor at the UN University for Peace (UPEACE).

Since 2005, Prof. Björnberg has been the leader of the production of the HCP international indices, such as the EHCI 2005 – 2016 projects and numerous other, disease-related indices and projects.
Cebolla, Beatriz, Ph.D.

Cebolla, Beatriz, Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer beatriz.cebolla@healthpowerhouse.com +49 152 2371 9856

After finishing a Ph.D. in brain development, Mrs Cebolla found her passion in the field of global health systems and policies. She completed a Master degree in Public Health in 2011 and since ten years she works as an international independent consultant, mainly for Health Consumer Powerhouse, assessing the performance of health systems, participating in strengthing and capacity building processes all around Europe. She is the author of a large number of reports, articles and press releases related to healthcare systems.  
Phang, Ann Yung, R.N. B.A.

Phang, Ann Yung, R.N. B.A.

Project Manager

Ann Yung Phang is a highly experienced critical care nurse specialising in cardiac intensive care. She has worked in multi-international and world-renowned institutions in the UK and the USA. Ann has also actively participated with charity teams going to developing countries to repair congenital heart defects in children. She is currently part of Health Consumer Powerhouse research team.


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